Legends of South County is a strategic, combo-driven Faction Builder for 3-5 players. Utilizing area control, resource management, character-driven actions and dice combat, you will compete to rebuild the local economy, expand your influence and eat as few bullets as possible along the way.

Take control of one of the county’s 5 asymmetrical factions: each with a unique gameplay element, its own roster of characters and a powerful selection of faction-specific abilities; all of which you must harness to get an edge over your opponents.
Legends of South County plays over 4 rounds called Seasons. Time advances each time a player reshuffles their action deck until you reach the scoring round of your current Season. At the end of all 4 Seasons players will do final scoring and the faction with the most Renown (VP) will win!


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Rising from Santa Bella, one of the hardest hit cities in the county after the collapse, the Sindicato are a union of smaller factions working under an uneasy alliance to secure their future. Guided by their charismatic leader, La Voz, they are masters at stirring a crowd and can use their influence to create dramatic events just about anywhere on the board.
Dedicated to rebuilding South County's digital infrastructure, the LAN are simultaneously incredibly resourceful and completely dependent on their prototype network (dubbed project LINK). You must build, maintain and protect your signal towers to access to the wide range of passive bonuses that come with your network.
As ambitious as they are ruthless; the Stogies are masters of the post-nation economy. They are also the only faction to prefer trading in precious metals rather than bartering resources. Manage your investments, collect your income and spendthrift on everything gold and silver can buy, from local influence to unfortunate 'accidents'.
The beach communities have been driven to near extinction and to preserve their way of life have abandoned their peaceful origins. Focused on speed and guerrilla warfare, they will go to any length to reclaim their seaside Eden from the outsiders. As children of the sea they have numerous abilities that take advantage of waterfront locations.
Once a renowned academic society at the prestigious Empire University, the Knights of Sigma follow a strict code of ethics and personal merit, pushing even its lowest ranked members to consistently surpass themselves. They can create unique units, called Knights, which are more capable than the crew of other factions and can act independently of their Sergeants who utilize them to heighten their already powerful abilities.


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Each faction has its own unique selection of potential characters (referred to in-game as Sergeants). At the end of each season you will have the opportunity to select a new Sergeant to add to your roster. This is one of the most important choices you’ll make as they're the backbone of your faction. 

When choosing a Sergeant you want to consider their skills (left), their combat strengths (right) and their special ability (bottom text). A Sergeants skills determine their efficiency when performing certain types of actions.

Do you shoot for a diversity of skills or do you double down on your strengths? Is that one awesome ability worth the lack of combat strength? You draw 3 potential characters per season, but you can only choose one to add to your team.


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Through cleverness, efficiency and brute force you will compete for dominance in South County. To this end there are three Paradigms which represent the games 3 mechanically separate paths to victory. You must decide what balance of these paradigms best fit your vision of the county’s future.
Form powerful partnerships with the Trade Guilds of South County, revitalize the local economy and become an icon of prosperity for all to follow.
Few things speak louder than bullets. Show them your teeth and the iron will of your resolve. Let none who cross you go unpunished.
When the world fell, the hopes and beliefs of many fell with it. Spread your influence and give them new purpose, identity and a future worth striving for.


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The economy is stopped dead in the water and it's up to you to revive it. Work with the 4 major guilds, corresponding to the game's 4 major resources (Fuel, Supplies, Tools & Ammo), to bring prosperity back to the people of South County.

Spend resources to build developments and improve your actions at locations you control. Building a development will also increase the Status of its corresponding guild (see the roman numerals above). Be conscious of which guild(s) you are investing in because it’ll matter when calculating your Wealth score later on.

Gain economic prestige by spending resources to complete Guild Projects. Not only will these projects infuse your developments with new and useful effects, but they’ll also act as multipliers toward your final Wealth score.

Or, if scoring isn’t an immediate concern, why not splurge at the market? Take advantage of the game’s unique bartering system to trade your resources for an array of shiny gear to boost your Sergeants' abilities. Keep an eye on those value dice though as resource values constantly fluctuate in this unstable economy.


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Order your sergeants to recruit new crew members onto their team. Crew can be added to your Sergeant’s personal squad or be left to defend your turf. Keep in mind that crew are less capable than your Sergeants and cannot move or act on their own.
Start a fight at your location and meet your opponents in combat. But before you do be sure and take into account the backup both of you can pull from adjacent locations first. After all, the one with the most crew (not Sergeants) left after combat will win the fight.
Determine your approach by selecting your combat dice. Remember that you only get one roll, so let’s go over the basics:

- Assault dice do damage to your opponent.

- Support dice avoid damage from your opponent.

- Specialty dice have a variety of effects and can be added to your pool through cards, items and character abilities.
Winning combat will gain you Renown (VP) upfront, but your Sergeants also gain an equal amount of Infamy, placed on their card, which will be converted to Renown at the end of the season. Infamy, however, is a fragile thing. Should your Sergeant be defeated in combat, not only will your opponent gain the standard Infamy for winning but they’ll also take half of yours! The larger your winning streak the more you risk with each fight.


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Deploy your Sergeants to win the support of South County’s population. Drop your influence - not on the locations themselves - but on the connections between them, meaning each cube influences 2 locations at once. Hold a majority influence at a location and you gain control which is worth Renown at the end of each season.

But don't let the popularity get to your head. People’s loyalties are fluid and other factions can replace your influence, turning your once loyal supporters against you. Gaining influence this way can be expensive, requiring that you sacrifice one of your gained influence cubes to remove an existing one.

Your Sergeant roster isn’t the only element that evolves throughout the game. Action and Culture cards can be obtained by spending XP generated by controlled locations. New Action cards can give you additional actions per season or access to powerful boons (card text).

Culture Tiles expand your core ideology giving you new ways to utilize your faction’s special element (like the Dawn Patrol’s Spirit System or the LAN’s L.I.N.K. towers). Combined with your Sergeants and Action Cards, these open a plethora of strategic options during your turn.


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At the end of the game you’ll receive bonuses if you are leading in any of these 3 paradigms, but even this is influenced by player choices. The bonus earned by leading a paradigm is dependent on the total Renown earned by ALL players in that paradigm. The more competitive a paradigm is, the more Renown you earn for leading it. Pay attention to which paths other players are taking, as doubling down on a trend can still be an optimal strategy. May the most adaptive player win.
South County is an ambitious remix of familiar game systems that emphasizes player flexibility and choice. With 5 asymmetric factions with their own unique spread of characters and abilities, dozens of obtainable cards and a scoring system that evolves from player choices, no two games will be the same and no one strategy will consistently come out on top.

We invite you to experience the Anarchy of South County first hand and navigate a world of equal parts chaos and possibility. If you’re interested in hearing more about this project consider signing up for our newsletter for progress updates and behind-the-scenes content as we continue developing this beast of a game!
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