Lost Cartographer is a brand new company uniting talented storytellers from a variety of backgrounds and styles to create original, immersive and highly detailed worlds worth exploring. With a large network of creatives including writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians and game designers we are passionate in our pursuit to blur the lines between mediums and explore collaborative styles not practiced in traditionally separate industries. We invite you to be a part of our community, see the exciting projects that lay just around the corner, and one day consider creating alongside us as future successes allow us to expand and grow.


Alexander is the founder and lead developer of Lost Cartographer. Since his childhood Alexander has been obsessed with storytelling and took that passion to Los Angeles where he began his film career over a decade ago as a writer and content strategist. He went on to co-found Gearmark Pictures and ran the company’s original content platform Gearmark.TV. Lost Cartographer was originally founded by Alexander as an avenue for exploring alternative mediums he enjoyed in his free time, namely Board Games and Graphic Novels, but with recent shifts in the film industry he has put aside his film career and now focuses all of his efforts on the development of Lost Cartographer. With a love of creating complex and interesting worlds, a strong creative network and an obsession with crafting meaningful experiences for others to engage with, Alexander is diving head first into the world of Game Design for his first project ‘Legends of South County’.
Guy is the business arm and voice of reason for Lost Cartographer. He began his career as a film producer and quickly became recognized for his second-to-none work ethic and resourceful mindset which gave him the ability to stretch budgets and maximize the potential of any project put before him. He is also one of the co-founders of Gearmark Pictures and still serves as the Company’s CEO and lead producer. In addition he also works extensively in the Video Gaming industry as the Head of U.S. Content Production for Razer which has built on his understanding and deep appreciation for the potential of technology in modern storytelling mediums (something he looks forward to integrating into future Lost Cartographer projects). Guy brings a great deal of ambition and project management to Lost Cartographer and we’re proud to have him on the team.
Jessie (also known online as Graphic Mystic) is the Art Director for Lost Cartographer. She has 7 years of experience working as a Graphic Designer (with 5 of those dedicated to UI/UX design) and has developed a unique specialization in custom, hand-drawn graphics. With her skills in both illustration and UI/UX, as well as her critical eye for branding and story, the work Jessie produces blurs the line between artwork and functionality. She is responsible for not just the graphic elements of our new game Legends of South County, but also for most of the original artwork. Having Jessie on the Lost Cartographer team has enabled us to set a very high aesthetic standard and goes a long way toward bringing our worlds to life.
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